Handmade Suede Leather Buckskin Shirt with Fringes for Mountain Men

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Size: X-Small

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Unleash Your Inner Cowboy
Experience rugged charm with the New Handmade Western Suede Leather Mountain Men Buckskin Shirt with Fringes. Crafted from genuine suede leather, it offers a luxurious texture and timeless appeal. The fringes add movement and style, reminiscent of cowboy rodeo fashion. Tailored for a modern fit, it's perfect for casual or Western-themed events.

Embody the spirit of the wild frontier with this handcrafted masterpiece. Its supple leather, earthy tones, and intricate fringes capture the essence of adventure. Whether you're a rancher, rodeo enthusiast, or simply appreciate Western fashion, this shirt combines authenticity with style, creating a lasting impression wherever you go.

  • High-quality suede leather
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Western style with fringes
  • Inspired by mountain men buckskin shirts
  • Cowboy rodeo design with unique details
  • Versatile for various occasions
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Please choose your jacket based on the sizing charts provided.
  • Follow these steps to find the perfect fit:
  • Check the provided sizing charts for accurate measurements.
  • Use a tape measure to measure your chest, waist, length, sleeve length and shoulder.
  • Match your measurements with the corresponding sizes on the chart provided.
  • Select the size that aligns closest to your measurements.
  • It's important to consider personal preferences and fit when choosing your jacket.

  • Clean: Brush off dirt, spot clean with mild soap, air dry.
  • Condition: Use suede leather conditioner, apply and let it absorb, buff off excess.
  • Store: Keep in a cool, dry place, fold neatly, avoid plastic bags.
  • Avoid water exposure: Protect the shirt from rain or excessive moisture.
  • Handle with care: Avoid sharp objects or rough surfaces that can damage the suede leather.
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